Wood Pressed Oils extraction Machine

Wood Pressed Oils

“Wood Pressed Oils” is the trending term which is quite commonly used by people who are especially health conscious, dietary experts and general consumers who are looking for the Best cooking oils for their family. Now, what exactly these “Wood Pressed Oils” denotes? In other words, Wood Pressed Oils are cooking oils which are prepared from “Cold Pressed Oil Machines” or “Wood Pressed Oil Machines”

Let’s dive into some more details to get a complete idea of what are Wood Pressed Oils in actuality.

What is Wood Pressed Oil?

Many people want to know what Wood Pressed Oil is. A simple way to understand this is that the Cooking Oil is extracted from the oil seed with the help of Cold Pressed Oil Machine running at a predefined low RPM (Round per Minute) in a Wooden Churner or Lakdi Ghani without applying high pressure. Oil produced by this method is having low temperatures in comparison to commonly used Metal Oil Expeller Machines.

Oils produced by such methods are usually kept unfiltered and the Natural sedimentation filtration process is used to filter the oil before bottling.

Wood Pressed Oils are usually also termed Cold Pressed Oils because both types of oils are produced at very low temperatures and to keep the temperature of cooking oil low, Oil-Seed crushing parts of the machine are made up of Wood as Metal machine parts increase the temperature of oils while wood keeps the temperature low. Thus Cooking oils produced by these machines are called Wood Pressed Cooking Oil or Cold Pressed Cooking Oil or Kachi Ghani Cooking Oil or Mara Chekku Oil.

In other words, these oils are produced by our traditional methods of Oil extraction also known as Bail Kolhu Oil extraction (Ox powered Wooden Ghani machines), the only difference is now that Ox is now replaced by auto-tuned low RPM running electric motors.


Why Wood Pressed Oil is considered a healthy Cooking Oil?

Wood Pressed Oils are considered healthy because these oils are neither chemically treated, nor they are produced at high temperatures. Also, these oils are naturally filtered (Sedimentation) and thus all the nutritional values of the oils remain intact as compared to regular machine-pressed oils where the cooking oil touches its boiling point twice (temperature rises once in the metal expeller during crushing and second time due to high pressure applied in the filter press) and it is the third time when you pour this oil in your frying pan for cooking.

While wood pressed oil touches its boiling point for the first time in your cooking pan and that makes this oil healthy. Also, Wood Pressed Oils are more viscous and expand when heated and as a result, less quantity is required (up to 20% less oil is used).

Wood Pressed Oil Price

Generally, Wood Pressed Oils are costlier than regular cooking oils and the main reason for this high pricing is its high cost of production. As these oils are produced by applying low pressure, the oil yield from the oil seed is very low thus almost double the quantity of raw material (Oil Seeds) is required to get 1 Litre of Pure Cold Pressed Oil.

While, on the other hand, in regular cooking oils, with the help of chemical treatment of Oil Seeds and applying high temperature and pressure, oil yield increases but this burn out its healthy nutritional values and oil is exposed to hazardous chemicals and making these oils unsafe for cooking.

Commonly Used Wood-Pressed Oils In India:

In India, for cooking purposes, commonly used wood Pressed edible oils are mustard Oil, Groundnut Oil, Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil, and Flaxseed Oil. There are other varieties that are also used but not as much as these 5 oil types.


Wood Pressed oils (Cold Pressed Oils) are getting popular in the market due to their associated health benefits as these oils are a rich source of Good Cholesterol, low in Trans Fats, High Anti-Oxidants, and Rich source of essential Vitamins & Minerals. Though these oils are costlier but definitely healthy and safe to consume.