Health Benefits Of Cold Pressed Oils

Top 5 Health Benefits Of Cold Pressed Oils

Cooking oils are an essential ingredient in everyone’s daily diet. They are commonly used in every kitchen to prepare a variety of dishes, Indian & continental recipes. Thus the selection of the best quality cooking oil should be a conscious decision because it directly impacts your heart health. In this blog, we are going to discuss the top 5 health benefits of cold pressed oils.

Post covid-19 pandemic, people are now focusing on a healthy lifestyle, they are now opting for Cold Pressed Oils & avoiding regular or refined oils. In comparison to regular or Refined Oils,  Cold Pressed Oils or Wood Pressed Oils to have different nutritional content and physiological & chemical properties.

What difference Between Cold Pressed Oils and Refined Oils or Regular Oils?

Benefits of Cold Pressed Oils

In ancient times, cold-pressed oil was extracted by Ox powered Wooden Ghani or Kolhu

Let us understand the basic difference between cold-pressed oils and refined oil or regular oils on the basis of the manufacturing process, nutritional value, shelf-life, and cooking method.

The method of extraction of oil makes all the difference in its quality and flavour. The extraction process of cold-pressed oils involves a traditional method of crushing oil seeds in a wooden Ghani (Kolhu)  or low RPM (Round per Minute)  operated wooden Pressing Machine generating very low temperature while oil extraction.

Generally, the seeds are placed in a huge wooden cylinder where they are continuously rotated and crushed until all the oil is collected. Since the process does not involve an excessive amount of heat or chemical solvents, cold-pressed oils retain their original flavour, taste, aroma, and nutritional value. Cold Pressed oil is highly beneficial for your cardiovascular health & also for your skin when applied topically.

On the contrary, regular Expeller Machine pressed oils & refined oils are extracted by using high temperatures and treated with chemical solvents that degrade their flavour, taste, and nutritional composition also, Regular oils undergo a hydrogenation process and are further treated with harmful chemicals to increase their shelf-life and yield capacity.

Health Benefits of Cold Pressed Oils

Based on various studies & research, experts have concluded that Cold Pressed Oils are loaded with a number of health benefits if used in the right quantity in your daily diet. here are the top 5 health benefits of cold pressed oils.

1. Rich Nutritional Values

One of the biggest health benefits of  Cold Pressed Oils is, its richness of essential nutrients like Anti-Oxidants, Vitamins, Lecithin and  Phospo-Lipids in comparison to regular Oils because the process used to extract Cold Pressed Oils to retain these essential nutrients which generally get lost in the extraction of regular or refined oils.

2. Low Cholesterol Levels:  

Less heat is involved in the Cold Pressed Oil extraction process thus all nutrients remain intact and help lose weight as it is easy to digest due to low Cholesterol Levels.

3. Free From Harmful Chemicals & Additives:

Regular Oils or Refined Oils are extracted by using various chemicals like Sodium, Hydroxide, Hexane, Bleaching agents & additives.

On the other hand, Cold Pressed Oils are organically extracted and thus free from Chemicals like Gallate, Propyl, BHT & BHA which are termed preservatives in other regular oils thus making these oils very toxic and unhealthy.

So, if you want to avoid intake of these chemicals & preservatives, the use of cold-pressed oils is recommended.

4. Helps to Boost Immune System:

With the regular use of cold pressed oils reduction of radical cell damage in the human body is observed as these oils are rich in Vitamin E & various Anti-Oxidants thus helping to improve Immune System and other associated health benefits including Antiviral, Antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties.

5. Good for Skin and Hair:

When applied externally, cold-pressed oils act as a natural protective shield and may protect our skin and hair damage from harmful radiations and UV rays. May be used as an alternative to chemically prepared sunscreen. As these oils are chemical-free, good options to use as a massage oil for babies.


The most commonly used cold-pressed oils in India are Cold Pressed Mustard Oil (North & East India), Cold Pressed Ground Nut Oil (North, West, Central & Southern parts of India), Wood Pressed Sesame Oil (Central & Southern Indian states) & Cold Pressed Coconut Oil (South Indian States).

Each Cold Pressed Oil type has its own associated health benefits & each one is suited for a specific purpose, and health benefits thus it is important to choose the right oil based on taste & recipe. Though their Tastes & Aroma may differ, the common factor for all of them is the fact that all cold pressed Oils are rich sources of natural nutrients.

So, it depends on which oil you select for your Kitchen but it is confirmed that by switching to cold-pressed oil you are opting for Chemical Free, Pure & Natural cooking oils which are loaded with a number of health benefits.