Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil | Alsi ka Tel – 1 litre

Price: 480

Made with:

  • High-Quality Fresh Flaxseeds are cold pressed
  • Oil is extracted by slow churning of a wooden drum
  • Oil extracted is cold in temperature thus preserving important nutrients


Benefits of Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil

  • Promotes heart health
  • Supports healthy skin, hair and nails
  • May help with weight management
  • Supports digestive health
  • Helps regulate hormone levels
  • Reduces inflammation




Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil (Alsi Ka Tel)

Flaxseed oil is an oil derived from the seeds of the flax plant. This oil has been used for centuries for its health benefits. Cold pressed flaxseed oil is made by extracting oil from the flaxseeds without using heat or chemicals. This method of extraction helps to preserve the nutritional value of the oil.


Nutritional Value of Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil

  • Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Contains alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)
  • Contains lignans, which are phytoestrogens
  • High in antioxidants
  • Low in saturated fat


Uses of Flax Seed Oil

  • Can be used for cooking, baking and frying
  • Can be added to smoothies and salad dressings
  • Can be used as a substitute for butter or margarine
  • Can be used as a moisturizer for skin and hair
  • Can be added to pet food to support their overall health



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